Torurbillon is one of the largest complications of mechanical replica watches

Launched at Baselworld in 2019, and only now have we got the first copy. With this model, Tag Heuer shows that they mean seriousness when they say that the brand should have entered the luxury world. Never before has any Swiss manufacturer managed to make a Tourbillon at a price of NOK 159.

But what is a Tourbillon? A Torurbillon is one of the biggest complications a mechanical watch can be equipped with. Invented and developed in 1795 by the famous French masterpiece Abraham-Louis Breguet. At that time one used a pocket watch. The pocket fake rolex watches were usually in a position, straight up and down the pocket, thus gaining gravity on the walking system. By developing a gait system that moves around its own axis, the force of gravity was equalized, and the clock achieved a better gait accuracy. However, this is a complicated and time-consuming walking system to produce. Some also question why it is made for wrist watches? The watch hangs on an arm and has many different movements in one day.

We find it exciting that it is still being developed and researched on the replica watches mechanical movement, several hundred years after it was launched. With this model we find that Tag Heuer combines old technology with a highly modern packaging